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Today for Mississippi Monday we are so excited to bring you Feudum Board Game! Feudum is a collaboration of dreams between a Missouri college professor and a Mississippi illustrator! Five years ago, Mark Swanson was in an ice cream shop and saw a band poster illustrated by Justin Schultz. The drawings on the poster were the exact style he had envisioned for his board game! Creating a board game was a dream Mark had always wanted and now, that dream has come alive! See images below plus our interview with the creator and designer, Mark and Justin! 

. . .



What exactly is Feudum?

Mark:Feudum is a “Eurostyle” strategy game takes place in a fantastical realm!  By playing up to six uniquely-powered medieval characters players try to optimize their hand, leverage their resources and compete for guild status in attempt to be the most venerated in alllllll the land!

How did you get started and what was the inspiration?

Mark: I’ve played board game all my life. In the late 90s, I discovered German board games (also called eurostyle board games) and was immediately captivated by the colorful boards, deep strategy and multiple paths to victory—one of the hallmarks of eurostyle games. After many years of playing, I set out to build the game I’ve always wanted to play. I envisioned a medieval ecosystem where archetypal medieval characters played their dutiful role in a cyclical economy. I wanted a game that featured multiple paths to victory. A game that was dynamic and open-world. A game where you could eek out your own medical existence as you saw fit!




What are your goals for your business/brand?

Mark: Odd Bird wants to be known for making beautiful and atypical games with unique and elegant mechanics. This doesn’t mean ignoring cherished mechanics like resource management, area control or worker placement! But it does mean spicing things up with a dash of unusual, a pinch of the unexpected and a whole heaping of odd.  

What is your background?

Mark: I am a life-long lover of games and a Professor of Strategic Communication at the Missouri School of Journalism.  I am also the father of 3 splendidly precocious daughters. I have worked in the advertising industry most of my life.


Where do you find inspiration?

Mark: Inspiration can come from anywhere. A random thought, a beautiful picture, a green field. Often from art and literature including, books, movies, cartoons! Sometimes inspiration works like osmosis. Ideas creep into your mind through a backdoor. The more games you play, the more ideas begin to percolate.

What do you like to do when you aren’t “at the office”?

Mark: Spend time with my three daughters!  We like to goof off. Play minecraft. Watch Adventure Time (the cartoon).


Justin, what are some of the reasons you call Mississippi home?  Mark, what are some of the things you like about Mississippi (any particular places you visited, foods you ate, people you met, neighborhoods/landscapes)?

Mark: The first time I visited, Justin introduced me to many of his friends in the artist community at one of Josh Hailey’s Photamerica shows, followed by a tour of Midtown. We also had a drink at the Library at the Fairview Inn followed by Fondren Public!

Justin: It was a whirlwind night! One of those classic Jackson nights when you get to see a lot of your friends in different places! That’s one of my favorite parts about Jackson! 


How do you think what you are doing is helping to shape your community, as well as the image of Mississippi?

Justin: Working on a board game is one of those projects that feels really special. It’s one of those rare objects that actually brings positivity AND connection. It can bring people together. It allows people to lose themselves in a hectic world, flex their mind-muscles and have some fun! So hopefully it will only reflect positively on Mississippi.

Are there any upcoming events, promotions, etc. that you’d like readers to know about?  (e.g. your Kickstarter)

The campaign ends at midnight on December 15th.  Every week more and more “stretch goals” are unlocked that add extra goodies to the game like foil-stamped cards, specially carved pieces and other components that typically upgrade or add to the components in the game.


How cool and awesome are these two dudes??! We can not wait to play Feudum!! Game night ASAP (including wine)! 
Want to find out more about Feudum?  
Follow along on their Kickstarter journey below! 


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Happy Friday Friends!

Two collaborations in one week?! YUP! We are constantly movin’ and groovin’ over here at Thimblepress®! We like to keep you on your toes! ;) We have been so excited to share this collaboration with you for months now!

Introducing. . . Thimblepress X THROW Pillow Collaboration! 


I mean, let’s get real. . . Willow should have an modeling agent! She has 100% approved our new pillows! What we love most about Throw Pillows is when they sell 10 pillows, they provide one bed for a child in need. Which makes our hearts all warm and big! We just had to collaborate with their dream team!




We are smitten over these pillows! And we think our Thimblepets are too!! 


You look Gorgeous Darling Pillow available HERE


Sleep In Pillow available HERE


We love how they turned out! Willow, Frankie and Henry approved! What are your thoughts?! These pillows are perfect stocking stuffers and the perfect size gift to go under the tree! Grab yours today!! 

Happy Shopping, friends! 


Team Thimblepress + THROW Pillow


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Hi Friends! 

We are so excited to finally be able to share with you our recent collaboration with Speak Wines! We have been holding our tongues (and tastebuds) for this one and we are so super happy to show you! It’s pretty obvious why we reached out to Speak Wines to collaborate with us. Art + sparkling wine, what more could a gal need?

If you love a nice glass of bubbly, you are gonna L – O – V – E this collaboration! (Must be 21+ age to participate!) 

. . . 





Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! 



Sparkle and Shine, it’s Party time!



Tonight’s the Night!


Raise your hand if you are as excited as we are?!

What’s your favorite style? blog10

Now for a glass of bubbly! Buy your own bottle HERE! (Must be 21+ years old to order!) 


Team Thimblepress + Speak Wines! 

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Happy Monday, everybody! Today, we’re excited to feature one of our favorite food trucks, LurnyD’s! Have you had one their burgers?! (The Pimento Cheese Burger and The Sloppy Jalopy are crazy delicious).  Read on and learn more through our chat with  Betsy and Lauren Davis (aka Lurny D), founders of LurnyD’s Grille. 

. . .

What/who exactly is LurnyD’s?
LurnyD’s Grille is simply Burgers & Southern Street Food (to the Nth Degree!) 

2464512_TheSo. Food Trucks. LurnyD's

How did you get started and what was the inspiration to take the small business leap?

Lauren and I opened the food truck in 2012 after we found out that the ordinance had passed to allow food trucks in Jackson, MS.  We were at a crossroads in our life at the time with a couple of options.  We knew that we wanted to own our own business and 2012 was the year to do it.  Lauren has always had a talent and desire to cook.  Cooking on the grill is his passion.  Creating unique food combination is his gift so we found a builder in Atlanta and went all in.  I also have a passion for cooking and EATING good food!  

How does Mississippi play a role in your business?

Mississippi plays a huge role in our business.  We basically launched the food truck scene in Mississippi, an area that was basically untapped.  Jackson, in particular, has embraced us and we see more and more cities allowing the operation of food trucks because of Jackson.  Lauren and I founded the Mississippi Food Truck Association (MSFTA) to be a resource for other Mississippi food trucks and the association is growing.  No, we’re not food truck capitols like Austin, Portland or New York City; but the scene has caught on in places like Tupelo and Oxford, just to name a few and the excitement grows more and more each day.


What are your goals for your brand?

Our goal is to open LurnyD’s –  The Restaurant.  We’ve been thinking about this for a while now.  We just need to find the right location.  People love our unique burgers, and I think a restaurant would be very successful.

What is your background?

Lauren has a background in marketing and retail, and I have a business background.  I also handle the social media for LurnyD’s and the MSFTA, which is a lot of fun.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in my husband, Lauren.  I love his ideas for new burgers and the southern twist that he puts on his creations.  I love to take these ideas and promote them to our customers.  It’s a huge boost for me!

What do you like to do when you aren’t at the office.

Lauren loves to golf but hardly ever finds the time.  I love to “veg out” at home with my 2 sweet dogs and watch Netflix!

What are your favorite places to shop and dine?

Lauren and I both love to eat and are self proclaimed foodies.  Some of our favorite local restaurants include, The Strawberry Cafe, Mr. Chen’s, Sal and Mookies and Babalu.  I like to shop at Shayna’s Boutique for clothing and accessories, browse Rainbow Co-op, and always grab a green tea from Cups!

What are some of the reasons you call Mississippi home?

Lauren and I both grew up in Mississippi, and our families live here.  There is something about the south that keeps you here.  The love, support and hospitality of the people, I guess.  I moved to the BIG CITY for a brief period but felt Mississippi pulling me back.  Life is about family and friendship.  There is nowhere else I’d rather be.

LurnyD_bHow do you think what you are doing is helping to shape your local community as well as the image of Mississippi?

We are definitely helping shape the image of Mississippi.  Mississippi is no longer behind the times with food trucks.  Google “Southern Food Trucks” and you won’t have to look far to find something about Mississippi – we even have our own food truck association!  The community has embraced LurnyD’s.  You can ‘t go to a major Jackson event without seeing us or another Jackson food truck there.  There is a need for great food on wheels, whether it is private catering or parking our colorful truck at a local event.  Food trucks are fun, and Mississippi has opened their arms to us and proudly accepted us and we couldn’t be happier. 

Find out more about LurnyDs here!

Hi Friends!

We are oh so excited to host our 2nd annual Maker’s Jubilee held here at our studio in downtown Jackson November 12th!! 


Today we are bringing you a sneak peak of just a few vendors that will have booths! We have some amazingly talented friends and makers here in this city and we can’t wait for you to shop with them! 


Scatter Brained

Elizabeth Fowler Art

Sweet & Sauer

Kate Freeman Art

D + P Build 

Sunday Rookery 

Xcessory Freex

Prickly Hippie 

Lo Lady Fashion

. . . just to name a few! 

From jewelry, to fine art, to woodwork we’ve got you covered for holiday shopping this year! Our local Thimblepress® shop will be open with free popcorn + coffee + all kinds of in-shop deals! Plus, the first 25 visitors get a secret goodie bag! 

So come out and see us! This is a free event too!! 

See you there! 

Have a question about Maker’s Jubilee? Let’s chat! 


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Today is the day, that Willow was born. . . 6 YEARS AGO! You might have noticed that Willow is the Queen Bee of Thimblepress®. She is head honcho, food vacuum, fluffy greeter at the front door and will steal your chapstick right out of your purse! But we love her so! She’s 6 years young and still looks FLY AS EVER! 





To our Willow Birthday girl, we love you! 6 Years around the sun and we can’t wait for oh so many more! 


In honor of Willow and our love for her, we are offering a 30% discount on all Willow inspired cards NOW through Thursday!! 


Click HERE and HERE to shop!  

Cheers to you sweet Willow baby! May this new year be filled with lots of dog friends, treats and booty scratches! 


Team Thimblepress®


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Hello, Tuesday! You are lookin’ mighty fine!

We are so excited to share our fourth and final  Halloween DIY Costume with you – A Fantastically furry and luscious hot pink Flamingo!  As you know, our love for flamingo motifs in every form is no secret.  With its pink feathers, slender neck and legs that go on forever, the flamingo is a pretty fabulous bird! We had so much fun making this DIY Costume. Shiny metallic clothing, feathers, pink boas…what’s not to love, right?!  


Check out the instructions below.   


Materials Needed:


To make the  Flamingo Skirt:

Step 1: Thread the yarn (either color) through the skirt –  4 times horizontal. 4 times vertical. This creates a grid on the skirt which will be used to attach the paper fringe, boa feathers and string.

Step 2: Poke 8 holes into top of skirt.

Step 3: Cut feather boa into eight pieces of various lengths ranging from 12”-16.”   String boa feathers through the holes in the top of the skirt; so they will dangle down vertically.   

Step 4: Cut the dark pink festoon into 30 pieces. Cut them into a variety of lengths ranging from 8”-14.”  Tie these pieces onto the horizontal string grid to give textural feel.

Step 5:  Follow step 4 above using the light pink festoon.

Step 6:  Cut dark pink yarn into 40 pieces. Cut into a variety of lengths from 6”-10”.  Tie these pieces onto the string grid to add additional texture and layers.

Step 7:  Follow step 6 above using the light pink yarn

Step 8:  Continue filling in the skirt with paper fringe, boa feathers, and string by tying to the yarn grid.  Once you have a full, textured, layered look you’re done with the skirt.


To make the Flamingo shirt

Step 1: Cut the light pink festoon into twelve 14” pieces.  

Step 2:  Cut the feather boa into six 14” pieces.     

Step 3:  Lay out the shirt. Using hot glue gun, glue 2 pieces of the festoon onto the front of the shirt.  Then glue 1 piece of feather boa below it.  Alternate until the shirt is layered all the way to the bottom (2 pieces festoon, 1 piece boa, 2 pieces festoon, 1 piece boa, and so on).

Step 4: Repeat step 3 on the back of the shirt.

To make the Beak:

Step 1: To make the flamingo beak, cut a circle out of white posterboard (approximately 6” diameter).  Then, cut a tall triangle out of the black posterboard (cut  to fit the wearer).   

Step 2: Glue the black triangle to the end of the white circle.  Trim, as needed, then carefully bend into the shape of a beak.  

Step 3: Attach string to each side of the beak so it can be attached to wearer.

That’s it!  We have had so much fun making DIY Costumes for Halloween!  











What a cutie! 

If you’ve made any of the costumes, be sure to share your photos with us on Instagram using the #thimblepressDIYcostume!  We love to see what you guys are making! You can also send  photos to to earn a chance to win a giant goodie bag filled with Thimblepress® goodies! Totally worth it! Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Can’t wait to see your own DIY costumes!

Happy sewing! 


Team Thimblepress

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Happy Monday, friends!!

Who out there is feeling like a superhero, ready to conquer this week?!?  We sure are!  To kick off the week, we’re sharing our DIY tutorial on how to make a superhero costume… “Confetti Girl!”  Her extraordinary power: showering the world with confetti and kindness! resizecg

Check out the instructions below!

Materials Needed:


Step 1:    Mix 2 parts Mod Podge with 1 part water in a spray bottle. Shake well until well mixed.

Step 2:   Spray the Mod Podge Mixture onto the back of the superhero cape until the cape is lightly saturated all over.  (But careful not to spray too much Mod Podge – if you apply too much, the cape will become stiff!)

Step 3: Sprinkle confetti all over the cape and let dry overnight.

Step 4.  Using paintbrush/foam brush, apply Mod Podge over the Superhero Eye Mask and Arm Bands.  

Step 5:  Generously cover the Eye Mask and Arm Bands with confetti.  Let dry overnight.

Step 6: To make the belt, cut a strip of  paper from heavy card stock, vinyl paper,  flexible cardboard, etc. (whatever you have on hand that’s durable, but flexible).  We cut our strip approximately 32”W x 3”H.    

Step 7:  Using paintbrush/foam brush, apply Mod Podge onto belt and cover  with confetti.  Let dry overnight.

And you’re done!  To complete the look, we  paired these DIY confetti accessories with a pink metallic skirt,  a sequins tank top, pink cosplay wig, and confetti covered boots.

resizecg 1 2 3 4

5 6


 So, get your confetti cape on, courageous LADY heroines!  It’s time to save the day! We can’t wait to see yours! 

Happy Confetti-ing!


Team Thimblepress



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Happy Friday!

Today, we’re so excited to share our second Halloween DIY Costume….Piñata Disco Queen! Too good, right?! 

As you know, we love piñatas – festive, fun and colorful! We also have a thing for RETRO fashion – billowing flares, platform shoes, sparkly fringe, pink-tinted sunglasses… think metallic GLAM. So, we decided to combine the two, and the inspiration resulted in a Piñata Disco Queen! Pretty groovy, huh?!


Look at those DIY FRINGE BELLBOTTOMS! We are just in love. Can we wear this to work everyday?!

Take a look below for the full set of instructions.

Materials Needed:


Step 1:  Lightly apply Mod Podge to front of the crop top shirt (Only to the front bust area, not onto the sleeves).  Careful not to apply too much Mod Podge.   If you apply too much, the shirt fabric will become stiff, and that’s not good for disco dancing!

Step 2:  Generously apply confetti all over the front of the shirt. Let dry overnight. 

Step 3: Cut  50 long strips of iridescent paper to be used as the fringe on the front of the pants.   We cut ours approximately  5”H x 16”W strips.  Stack 3-4 strips on top of each other.  Then, using sharp scissors, cut narrow slits every half inch or so to make textured, ruffled  fringes.  Be sure to  leave 1 inch at the top. (This inch at the top of the paper  will be glued down to the fabric.)  

Step 4.  Start at the bottom of the pants, and using Mod Podge, glue one strip of the fringe onto the pants.  Then, glue a second strip above the first. Then glue a third strip above the second, and so on…  Continue gluing rows of fringe all the way up the pants, spacing each about ½” apart.   Alternate colors (purple iridescent fringe, yellow iridescent fringe, metallic fringe, etc.).  Work your way from the bottom  to the top of the pants, overlapping each layer of fringe, until it’s completely covered. (For this costume, we only covered the front of the pants, not the back).

Step 5:  Cut another 20 strips of iridescent paper. This will be used as the fringe on the sleeves of the shirt. We cut ours approximately 4″H x 10″W.  Using sharp scissors, cut narrow slits every quarter inch or so to make detailed fringes, leaving  ½  inch at the top.    This will be the fringe for the shirt sleeves (approximately 10 strips per sleeve).

Step 6.  Using Mod Podge, glue one strip of the fringe onto the shirt sleeves.  Work your way from the outside of the sleeve to the inside of the sleeve.  Cover both sleeves with the metallic fringe.

Step 7:  Cut another 4 strips of iridescent paper to be used as fringe for the bottom of the shirt. We cut ours approximately  4“ x  12”W.  Using sharp scissors, cut narrow slits every quarter inch or so to make detailed fringes –  again leave ½  inch at the top.  Using Mod Podge, glue all 4 strips of the fringe onto the bottom of the shirt, working your way from bottom up.

Step 8. Let it all dry overnight.

Step 9.  To make the belt, cut a strip of  paper from heavy cardstock, vinyl paper,  flexible cardboard, etc. (We used a vinyl strip, but whatever you have on hand that’s durable, flexible will work just fine).  We cut our strip approximately 32”W x 3”H.  Apply Mod Podge and confetti. Let dry.   

Step 10.  Finally, put all the pieces together! We paired the disco outfit with this mermaid wig, John Lennon Glasses, and Gold Platform shoes.  










We just can’t get over this! This was SOOOO fun to make! Grab your disco ball, your dancing shoes, and turn up the volume on your playlist…  

Cue the jazz fingers!

Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive… 


Team Thimblepress

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Hi Friends!

We have been secretly planning our Halloween outfits for (many) months! And we are seriously excited about Halloween. Who else is ready??! Check out our first DIY Halloween costume! This costume is inspired by our very own Push-Pop Confetti™(obviously!) We had so much fun making it!


Here’s what you’ll need:  




Step 1: Roll out the Clear Vinyl Plastic

Using the wearer for reference, cut one piece of plastic long enough to comfortably fit around the wearer (like a tube).  We cut ours 75”W x  33”H  (This will be the Inner Tube)

Step 2:  Using the wearer for reference, mark where arm holes should be on the Inner Tube with pieces of masking tape. Carefully cut arm holes from the plastic sheet using an exacto knife and a pair of good scissors. We measured down 2.5” down from the top of the plastic and cut arm holes out from (6”W x 7”H).

Step 3: Cut a second piece of vinyl plastic that is 5” longer than the first (80”W x 33”H) (This will be the Outer Tube)

Step 4:  Repeat step two for the outer tube.  Carefully cut arm holes from the plastic tube using an x-acto knife and a pair of good scissors. Measure and cut holes out for arms. (6”W x 7”H)

Step 5: Using the vinyl plastic sheet from Step 1 (Inner Tube), apply Mod Podge over the entire surface and cover with confetti.  Let dry completely overnight.

Step 6:  Using paintbrush, cover the inside of the Plastic Ice Bucket with Mod Podge. Generously sprinkle confetti all over.  Let dry completely overnight (This will become the push pop cap).

Step 7:  Cut 4 foam noodles into various shapes and sizes (these will be confetti pieces). We used pink, green, yellow, blue foam noodles.

Step 8:  Cut pieces of the gold and silver wrapping paper  (these will be more confetti pieces – can’t have too much, right?!)

Step 9:  Using hot glue gun, glue down the foam pieces, silver confetti pieces, and gold confetti pieces onto the confetti-covered inner tube. Let dry completely.

Step 10:  Get ice bucket/push pop cap.  Using hot glue gun, fill the inside of the “cap” with foam pieces.  Cut 2 pieces strips of plastic sheet (10”W x 1”H)  and glue them to the inside of the ice bucket. This will serve as the “straps” to hold the Push Pop Cap on your head.

Step 11: Overlap and hot glue the ends together of the inner tube.  Hold in place until cool. (Our overlap was 8”).

Step 12:  Repeat step 9 for the outer tube.  Overlap and hot glue the ends together of the inner tube.  Hold in place until cool. (Our overlap on the outer tube was 3.5” inches)

Step 13.  Insert the inner plastic tube into the outer plastic tube  (i.e. like a donut); making sure the arm holes line up.  

Step 14:  Connect 2 foam noodles together using painter’s tape.  Squeeze 2 foam noodles  in between the inner and outer tube and position them horizontally. (This will give the Push Pop shape).

Step 15:  Roll out Kraft Paper and cut piece  80”W x 3”H (this will be the Push Pop Label)

Step 16:  Trace/Print  “Confetti Push Pop” onto the Kraft Paper. Use Sharpie Marker to fill in.   Wrap Label around the Push Pop Body and secure with hot glue gun.

Step 17. Cut 10 pieces of wire at a variety of lengths, 12” to 24.”  Attach foam pieces to end of the wire (to make it look like confetti is popping out!)  

Step 18.  Punch holes through inner plastic tube with wire and arrange the wire so it looks like the foam pieces are “popping out!”




Underneath, we paired the costume with  Metallic Silver Leggings and a Metallic Silver Crop Top.  





I mean how C-U-T-E! Want to make your own? Or maybe you have another #thimblepressdiycostume idea?! Send us photos to and we’ll send you a giant goodie bag filled with Thimblepress® goodies! Totally worth it! Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Can’t wait to see your own DIY costumes! 

Make sure to stay tuned for our other #thimblepressdiycostumes headed to the blog! 

Happy Crafting! 

Team Thimblepress®


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Hey Fellow Crafters!  

Today, we’re sharing one of our favorite ways to reuse gift wrap.  If you’re anything like us (ahem, a craft hoarder); then you know how hard it is to throw away a pretty piece of paper!  So, instead, let’s repurpose it! Check out the instructions below.

Materials Needed:

  • Glue Stick
  • Mod Podge (optional)
  • Gift Wrap
  • Circle Cutter (We used a Fiskars Circle Cutter)
  • Cutting Mat ( Cardboard will work) 
  • 8.5×11 White Cardstock or Heavy Paper
  • 8.5×11 Frame




Step 1:   Set the circle size on your Fiskar Rotary Cutter. (We set ours to 1.5″).  Place Gift Wrap on cutting mat and select areas to cut out. 



Step 2:  Cut out 12-15  circles  from the gift wrap. Pictured below is Thimblepress’s “Stripes Aqua Gift Wrap.”



Step 3: Once you have all the circles cut out, begin arranging them onto a 8×10 piece of cardstock paper.




Step 4: After you’ve finalized your arrangement, glue each circle down with a   glue stick. 



Step 5 (optional): If you want a glossy coating, apply one layer of of Mod Podge over the top of the work. 



Step 6:  Once everything has dried, place your completed artwork into an 8.5 x 11 frame.



Step 7: Hang your new piece of artwork the wall!


We have five different Gift Wrap collections that all feature original hand painted designs. Check the whole collection out HERE.   Leave us a comment and let us know how your piece turned out!  

Happy crafting!

Team Thimblepress


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Hi friends! 

Happy Thursday! What’s on your agenda? If you are local, you must come see us! We have some seriously amazing new goodies in the shop right now!! Maybe a friend has a birthday? You can grab a card + a gift + get it gift-wrapped ALL IN ONE PLACE! Too easy, right?! 

Check out some of the new goodness below! 


and. . . 


And this isn’t even all of it!! Make sure to come visit us and see all the newness! We always have smiling faces to greet you, dancing tunes and fresh hot popcorn poppin’! So come on down to downtown!

We are open M-F 9:30AM – 5:30PM!

**For the months of November + December, we will be OPEN ON SATURDAYS!!! 

See yah soon! 

Team Thimblepress